Becky Faett, PhD, MSN, RN, MBA



Becky Faett, PhD, MSN, MBA, RN, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh. Her clinical emphases include critical care, perioperative, and medical surgical nursing.

Dr. Faett is part of the Aim 3, tier 1 researchers for The Caregiver Project. She conducted observations and documented health providers’ demonstration of understanding and implementation of the CARE Act at local UPMC hospitals. 

In addition to that work, Dr. Faett teaches nursing students, in both didactic and clinical.  Her education emphasizes the integration of the caregiver and includes interactive EBP videos, telehealth simulations, and care recipient-caregiver education and interactions.

Overall she is interested in self-management of the care recipient through telehealth as well as addressing health literacy of both the caregiver and care recipient (as well as the impact of that health literacy on care recipient outcomes).