Scott Beach, PhD



Scott Beach, PhD, is the Interim Director of the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) and Director of its Survey Research Program.

Dr. Beach has over two decades of experience in survey methodology and gerontology-related research. He has designed and directed dozens of large scale surveys of both general and targeted populations. His work has included The Caregiver Project, for which he designed and oversaw the survey of caregivers in the Western Pennsylvania region. The Pittsburgh Regional Caregivers Survey Report helped researchers to understand the population of informal caregivers in our region and their needs to help better inform regional and state policies.

In addition to survey methodology and measurement, his research interests are focused on three areas: (1) the health effects of family (informal) caregiving; (2) the development and application of technologies that enhance functioning and promote independence in older individuals; and (3) elder abuse, including application of survey technology for collecting self-report data on abuse and racial/ethnic differences in the prevalence and experience of elder abuse.

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