2019 News & Events

Hernandez Recognized by Pittwire for Emerging Leader Award
December 5, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez was recognized by Pittwire, the University of Pittsburgh's new service, for her 2019 Seema S. Sonnad Emerging Leader in Managed Care Research Award by the American Journal of Managed Care.  To read more, click here. Read More »
Davies Discusses Merck's Profits, Suggests Doing More
November 27, 2019 — “I don’t think it’d be too much to ask for them to put a little bit of that money into a new facility,” CP3 affiliated faculty Dr. Ben Davies told CNBC about Merck's profits from Keytruda. “They have a financial responsibility to their investors… but I think you have a moral obligation as Read More »
Cost is a Major Concern for Heart Disease Patients
November 25, 2019 — One in 8 heart disease patients cuts back on known-effective medications because of cost. "None of these drugs can have an opportunity to work unless the patient can afford them," Pitt GIM and CP3's Dr. Jing Luo told Reuters Health. Read More »
Hollander Shares Opioid Study Results on WPXI
November 20, 2019 — Health Policy and Management PhD candidate Mara Hollander shared results of her study with WPXI viewers. The study found correlation between gifts from opioid manufacturers and opioid prescribing among physicians. CP3's Dr. Julie Donohue contributed to the study. Read More »
Hernandez Wins Managed Care Research Award
November 8, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez was honored with the 2019 Seema S. Sonnad Emerging Leader in Managed Care Research Award. Dr. Hernandez was nominated by CP3 affiliated faculty member Dr. Bernie Good.  Watch the nomination video here. Read More »
WESA Highlights Research Linking Gifts to Opioid Prescribing
November 5, 2019 — Pittsburgh's WESA-FM highlighted new work from Mara Hollander, PhD candidate in Health Policy and Management, and a team including CP3 Co-Director Dr. Julie Donohue.  The research found correlation between gifts from opioid manufacturers and amount of opioid prescribing from physicians, Read More »
CNN Health Interviews Gellad on Withdrawal of Approval for Makena
November 1, 2019 — "Most of the time the FDA will make a decision that aligns with the committee, but not always," CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told CNN Health about the recommendation to withdraw approval for Makena, a drug used to prevent preterm births. Read More »
Gifts from Opioid Manufacturers Linked to Higher Prescribing
October 31, 2019 — "[A]ll gifts have been shown to create an unconscious bias toward prescribing," Mara Hollander, PhD Candidate in Health Policy and Management, told the Philadelphia Inquirer about her research on the correlation between opioid manufacturers' gifts to physicians and physicians' opioid Read More »
Drug Pricing Is a "Huge Debate," Gellad tells PG
October 28, 2019 — "[What] I often tell people is not 'should drug companies make a huge profit when they create a new drug'; [it] is how big that profit should be," CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  “What is the right amount of return?” Read More »
CPI Does Not Give Full Picture of Drug Prices, Says Gellad
October 4, 2019 — “There is no 'most valid' source for drug pricing trends because each one will look at a different aspect of price and a different trend,” CP3 Director Walid Gellad told Politico.  Gellad's comments are in response to White House claims that drug prices have decreased, based on an analysis Read More »
Davies Talks Candidly about Drug Shortages
October 4, 2019 — CP3 affiliated faculty member Dr. Ben Davies spoke candidly with STAT News about drug shortages, calling them a "horrific situation." Davies, a urologist, also offered potential solutions to drug shortages.  Read the interview here on STAT+ (subscriber content only). Read More »
WPXI Interviews Hernandez about Rising Prices for MS Drugs
October 3, 2019 — "Spending in Medicare comes from taxpayer dollars, so that tenfold increase in what Medicare is paying for these drugs translates into what...taxpayers are paying for," CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez said in an interview with local news station WPXI. Read more about Dr. Read More » Interviews Dr. Drake
September 23, 2019 — interviewed CP3 Affiliated Faculty Dr. Coleman Drake about his finding that eliminating Marketplace automatic re-enrollment could lead to a dramatic increase in uninsured people. The takeaway? Automatic re-enrollment is a "powerful tool." Read More »
Spread Pricing an Issue for PBMs
September 20, 2019 — “People understand formularies and rebates, but the idea a PBM makes money on each prescription—by charging a state more than it pays pharmacies—doesn’t fit with a narrative of bringing value and reducing prices, which is how PBMs advertise themselves,” CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told Read More »
Health Care Questions (Besides Medicare-for-all) That Are Key for Candidates
September 12, 2019 — Medicare-for-all is a popular debate topic among Democratic Presidential candidates. But, as CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told Vox, “If [Medicare-for-all] is a no-go in Congress, then what changes would they make to the current system?” Vox outlined an additional four questions important Read More »
Medicaid Outcomes Distributed Research Network a Leap Forward for Medicaid Analysis
September 10, 2019 — Analyzing Medicaid data from multiple states is a major challenge because of the differences among format and content. The new, innovative Medicaid Outcomes Distributed Research Network (MODRN), led by CP3 Co-Director Julie Donohue, facilitates the sharing and synthesis of analytic results Read More »
Rising MS Treatment Costs Impact Payers and Patients, Study Finds
August 27, 2019 — New work in JAMA Neurology by CP3's Alvaro San-Juan-Rodriguez, PharmD, Bernie Good, MD, MPH, Inma Hernandez, PharmD, PhD, and others shows that patient out-of-pocket costs for self-administered disease-modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis increased more than 7-fold over ten years. " Read More »
More Generics, Competition Needed to Lower Insulin Prices, Hernandez Explains
August 20, 2019 — New cheaper insulin isn't having an impact for people with diabetes. “What we really need to get insulin prices down is to get generics into the market, and we need more than one,” CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez explained. Read more here. Read More »
Pitt Spotlights Gellad's PECASE Award
August 7, 2019 — The University of Pittsburgh spotlighted CP3 Director Walid Gellad's recent Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) award. “It’s a very nice testament to the work I’ve done and the mentoring I’ve received," Dr. Gellad told @Pitt, the faculty and staff news Read More »
Pharmaceutical Price Increases "Not New," Hernandez Tells USA Today
August 7, 2019 — “These types of increases are not new in the pharmaceutical market,” CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told USA Today. Dr. Hernandez's work was cited in an article about the complexity of drug price increases. Read More »
Reactions to Proposal to Import Drugs from Canada
August 1, 2019 — “It’s a step forward to admit that importation is not the impossibility it has always been portrayed as being,” CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told STAT News. The article analyzed and described reactions to the proposal to import drugs from Canada. Read More »
NPR Examines Complexities Surrounding Iron Infusions
August 1, 2019 — The price tag on iron infusions for anemia can be a shock. CP3 Director Walid Gellad contributed to an NPR Health News look at the complexities of infusion pricing and selection in the US. Read More »
Why Are Prescription Drug Prices Tough to Pin Down?
July 30, 2019 — outlines reasons why drug prices are tough to pin down. Our Director Dr. Walid Gellad notes that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an inadequate measure because it excludes many drugs, including those administered by hospitals and physicians. Read More »
Good Collaborates on White Paper for FDA Drug Labeling Changes
July 23, 2019 — CP3 affiliated faculty Dr. Chester "Bernie" Good contributed to a Duke-Margolis white paper outlining recommendations and a research agenda to guide the FDA after changes to drug safety labeling. The paper aims to minimize unintended consequences, and suggestions include involving an Read More »
CPI Unreliable for Measuring Drug Prices, Explains Hernandez
July 22, 2019 — Dr. Inma Hernandez, CP3 Associate Director, told the BBC News why the Consumer Price Index isn't a reliable way to measure drug prices. "CPI...tends to include widely-used drugs, which are usually cheaper." She explained that even list prices are unreliable because of all the negotiations Read More »
"La Caixa" Fellowship Awarded to San-Juan-Rodriguez
July 16, 2019 — Alvaro San-Juan-Rodriguez, PharmD, a postdoctoral fellow with CP3, has been awarded the prestigious "La Caixa" fellowship for his studies at the University of Pittsburgh.  This fellowship is awarded to only 50 students across Spain. Read More »
Gellad Discusses Machine Learning Projects on WESA
July 10, 2019 — “We have all these powerful computing techniques, we have this opioid problem,” CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told 90.5 WESA. “The idea is, can we use one to help address the other?” Dr. Gellad's interview focuses on his work using machine learning to develop algorithms to better predict Read More »
Marketplace Interviews Gellad About Drug Pricing
July 9, 2019 — CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad spoke with Marketplace about drug pricing in the US. Listen here (segment starts ~10:30). Read More »
Pitt Med Profiles Gellad
June 27, 2019 — Pitt Med Magazine profiled CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad and his ongoing work in developing better risk prediction models for opioid overdose.  Click here to read the story (scroll down to "Fair Warning.") Read More »
Gellad Weighs in on Pricing of New Drugs
June 26, 2019 — “'We are entering a new phase'...with a burst of 'potentially curative' drugs that are 'much more expensive,'” CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told The Hill. He explained that the issue is complex because prices need to be high enough to encourage innovation, yet no one can agree on an Read More »
Davies Suggests Price for BCG is Too High
June 18, 2019 — A nationwide shortage of the gold-standard bladder cancer drug BCG has many patients nervous. CP3 Affiliated Faculty member Dr. Benjamin Davies told the Washington Post that the price of BCG is "too low" and that a price increase could increase competition in manufacturing of the drug. Read More »
Gellad Invited to VA Research Day on the Hill
June 20, 2019 — CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad was one of 25 leading national VA researchers who were invited to present their work on June 20 in Washington, DC, at VA Research Day. Dr. Gellad presented his research showing increased overdose risk among Veterans who received overlapping opioid and Read More »
New Research Suggests Revising Blood Pressure Guidelines
June 14, 2019 — Research led by CP3 postdoc Dr. Jingchuan (Serena) Guo suggests that American Diabetes Association Guidelines for blood pressure for individuals with Type 1 diabetes are too high.  Current guidelines for preventing coronary artery disease (CAD) are 140/90 for individuals with lower risk Read More »
Hernandez Featured Speaker in Biosimilar Forum
June 10, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez is a featured speaker in Politico's "America's Sky-High Drug Prices & The Role of Biosimilars" happening June 19 in Washington DC. For more information and to RSVP, click here. Read More »
Guo's Presentation Chosen for Press Program at ADA Meeting
June 7, 2019 — CP3 Postdoc Jingchuan (Serena) Guo's presentation "Optimal Blood Pressure Goals For Cardiovascular Health In Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes" was chosen for the Press Program at the American Diabetes Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting. Read More »
Gellad's Expertise Contributes to PolitiFact Ruling
June 7, 2019 — Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) does not support single-payer health care and noted that, unlike Medicare, the VA negotiates prescription drug prices. PolitiFact asked experts in the field, CP3 Director Walid Gellad among them, to evaluate Molton's claim. "The VA Read More »
Lo-Ciganic Discusses Risk Prediction Work in Pain Medicine News
May 31, 2019 — Recent work by CP3 faculty and others in JAMA Network Open showed that machine learning can more accurately predict risk for opioid overdose among Medicare beneficiaries. “With risk stratification, the number of patients needed to screen or evaluate is reduced by two-thirds,” lead author-- Read More »
Dosing Instrument Doesn't Explain Medication Price Difference, Hernandez Says
May 27, 2019 — Infant OTC medication drug prices are much higher than those marketed for children. Manufacturers say the infant dosing syringe costs more than the child dosing cup. CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told NPR, "The cup versus the syringe doesn't really explain the price difference Read More »
Hernandez Tells NPR Insulin Price Capping Is Not Enough
May 24, 2019 — Colorado recently capped insulin co-pays at $100 for insured residents, but as CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told NPR Health, "These efforts are not enough." Hernandez's research suggests that "prices have increased because there's not enough competition in the market, demand Read More »
Pittwire Profiles Gellad
May 23, 2019 — The Pittwire news service profiled CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad and his work on developing risk prediction algorithms for opioid overdose and other adverse events. This innovative work uses machine learning techniques on large health care and service use data sets and is conducted with Read More »
Parekh Receives ISPOR Podium Award
May 23, 2019 — The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes (ISPOR) awarded the Best Podium Award in the New Investigator category to Dr. Natasha Parekh, Senior Advisor in the UPMC Center for High-Value Health Care.  Dr. Parekh delivered her presentation, "The Impact of Medicare Star Read More »
BBC Mundo Interviews Hernandez on High Drug Prices in US
May 21, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez spoke with Lioman Lima from BBC News Mundo on why drug prices are higher in the US than in the rest of the world.  Read more here (in Spanish). Read More »
Boyce Contributes to Drug-Drug Interaction Report
May 18, 2019 — The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published its Community Report, "A Minimum Representation of Potential Drug-Drug Interaction Knowledge and Evidence - Technical and User-centered Foundation." The report provides a minimum information model for information about potential drug-drug Read More »
FDA Advice for Biosimilars May Alleviate "Rebate Trap" for Health Plans
May 10, 2019 — On May 10, the FDA released guidance to drugmakers on what elements are needed for biosimilars to win approval as interchangeable drugs.  CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez spoke with Bloomberg Law's Jacquie Lee about how interchangeability might affect health plans. Read More »
Gellad Honored with VA Award
May 13, 2019 — CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad was honored by the VA Pittsburgh this week.  He was given an award for Outstanding Commitment to Excellence in Research and Improving the Lives of Veterans through Medical Science.  In addition to his work at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Gellad is a Read More »
CP3 Faculty Vital Part of SGIM 2019
May 11, 2019 — CP3 was well represented at the Society for General Internal Medicine's annual meeting in Washington, DC. MAY 08, 2019 . FELLOWS PRE-COURSE General Internal Medicine Fellows Symposium: A Half-Day Career Development Retreat Coordinators: Utibe Essien, Madeline R. Sterling, Brian Uthlaut Read More »
Essien Honored at SGIM 2019
May 11, 2019 — The Society for General Internal Medicine honored CP3 affiliated faculty member Dr. Utibe Essien during its annual meeting in Washington, DC.  On March 11, Dr. Essien was named the winner of the Inaugural Distinguished Professor of Health Equity Poster Walk and Talk.  Dr. Essien is an Read More »
Hernandez Inducted Into Delta Omega
May 10, 2019 — At the Pitt Public Health Alumni Awards Dinner on May 10, 2019, CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez was inducted into Delta Omega.  Delta Omega is the public health honor society, and members are recognized for their contributions to the field.  This honor is one of many for Dr. Read More »
Hernandez Responds to Report of Declining Prescription Opioid Use
May 9, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez spoke with Meg Tirrell from CNBC's Nightly Business Report on the decline in prescription opioid use reported by the IQVIA Institute. Watch the NBR clip here. Read the IQVIA report here. Read More »
Immunotherapy Promising for Bladder Cancer
May 6, 2019 — In one study, preoperative immunotherapy shows promising preliminary results for some patients with newly diagnosed bladder cancer. "This is limited data...but at first blush, this looks very similar to what you would see with conventional chemotherapy," CP3's Dr. Ben Davies told Medpage Read More »
Hernandez Reminds Policy Makers to Remember the Uninsured
April 30, 2019 — The uninsured are often left out of government health policy planning. Yet, as CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told Bloomberg Law, "they are the ones with the most access problems.” Medicare for All has been a significant part of this conversation. “Medicare for All would work Read More »
CP3 Research Informs VA/CMS Agreement
April 30, 2019 — A new agreement between the US Department of veterans Affairs and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services will allow the VA to monitor medical prescriptions issued through Medicare Part D. This agreement is a huge leap forward in patient safety, as VA providers will now have more Read More »
CP3 Faculty at Research Day
April 29, 2019 — CP3 was well represented at this year's Research Day, presented by the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine. Jonathan Arnold, MD, MSE, mentored by CP3 Director Walid Gellad, MD, MPH, won the Health Services/Epidemiology Research Award for his poster, "Association of State Laws Read More »
Dr. Gellad Discusses Accelerated Drug Approval in Axios
April 26, 2019 — What happens when drugs with accelerated approval turn out not to work? CP3 Director Walid Gellad told Axios, "If there's no proof the drug has value, then why should we pay the same as if the drug had proof of value?” Read More »
Senate Finance Committee to Question PBMs
April 8, 2019 — The Senate Finance Committee will question Pharmacy Benefit Managers, whose role isn't always clear. "PBMs have saved money over the last decade by encouraging use of generics," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told NPR. Read More »
CP3 Research Part of Drug Pricing Conversation
April 8, 2019 — Our research contributes to conversations about drug pricing. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette mentioned a recent Health Affairs paper by Dr. Inma Hernandez and Dr. Walid Gellad. Read More »
Memorial Sloan Kettering Revises Conflict of Interest Policies After Scandal
April 4, 2019 — Memorial Sloan Kettering revised its conflict of interest policies after officials violated them last year. “Memorial Sloan Kettering really does seem to be taking this seriously and this document, I think, shows it,” CP3 Director Walid Gellad told the New York Times. Read More »
Hernandez Talks Insulin Prices on Nightly Business Report
April 3, 2019 — Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez appeared on CNBC's Nightly Business Report to discuss Cigna's announcement about copayment reductions for insulin. Hernandez notes that while this is a step in the right direction, she feels that list prices should be lowered. Read More »
Health IT Analytics Touts CP3 Machine Learning Study
March 25, 2019 — “Machine learning models that use administrative data appear to be a valuable and feasible tool for identifying more accurately and efficiently individuals at high risk of opioid overdose," notes CP3 Director Walid Gellad. Health IT Analytics featured new work published in JAMA Network Read More »
Drug Price Proposals "Revolutionary," Notes Gellad
March 22, 2019 — "The competition between companies has been on how big a rebate they can give," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told NPR's Alison Kodjak, "and the way that you give a big rebate is by increasing the list price. So the idea is to get rid of that so that companies can compete based on getting the Read More »
Hernandez Inducted as ACC Fellow
March 20, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez has received yet another honor in recognition for her research and professional achievements. She has been inducted as a Fellow in the American College of Cardiology at its 68th Annual Scientific Session and Expo. Read More »
Hernandez Receives Rho Chi Award
March 19, 2019 — CP3 Assoicate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez has added another award to her growing list of accomplishments. She was awarded the Rho Chi Society Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award. Rho Chi is the academic honor society in pharmacy, and the award is Hernandez's first student-voted award Read More »
Hernandez Predicts Outcome of Proposed Rebate Rule
March 18, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez joins Dr. Stacie Dusetzina and Dr. Peter Bach in predicting what might happen under proposed changes in drug rebates, in Politico's Prescription Pulse. Hernandez said that list prices would need to drop in order for insurance plan premiums to stay Read More »
Link between Drug Shortages and Price Increases a "Battle," Hernandez Tells CNN
March 12, 2019 — An FDA approval of generic valsartan may relieve a shortage of the drug, but as CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told CNN Health, drug shortages are often linked to price increases. "The place where we have to win this battle to prevent further price increases is in Congress," she Read More »
Veterans with Dual Receipt of Opioid Prescriptions at Increased Risk of Overdose
March 11, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad is an author on a new Annals of Internal Medicine paper showing veterans with dual receipt of opioid prescriptions from the VA and Medicare Part D are 3.5 times as likely to die from overdose. In an article in US News and World Report, Gellad discusses the paper's Read More »
Hernandez Puts Lilly's Half Price Insulin in Perspective
March 10, 2019 — "There's no justification for why prices should keep increasing at an average rate of 10 percent every year," CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told NPR about rising insulin prices. The NPR piece provided background on insulin prices and put into perspective Eli Lilly's recent Read More »
Gellad Discusses High Drug Costs on MPR
March 5, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad was a guest on Minnesota Public Radio, joining David Mitchell, the founder of the advocacy group Patients for Affordable Drugs, as well as a representative from PhRMA. The group discussed the rising costs of prescription drugs and took calls from listeners who Read More »
Most Postoperative Patients Have Unused Opioids
March 5, 2019 — Two recent studies share findings that the majority of certain postoperative patients have unused opioids, reports Urology Times. One of the studies is a paper co-authored by CP3 affiliated faculty Dr. Ben Davies, showing that 60% of opioids prescribed to prostate or kidney surgery Read More »
Gottlieb's Resignation a "Big Loss"
March 5, 2019 — FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's resignation comes as a shock to many. "I see this is a big loss for the administration's efforts to address drug pricing," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told BioPharma Dive. Read More »
Hernandez Comments on KFF Poll Showing Americans Believe Drug Prices Are Too High
March 1, 2019 — "Financial barriers for medication use are not rare, and they can actually have and are having, a detrimental effect on our fellow citizens' health," CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez told NPR. Hernandez's comments are in response to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll showing that 79 Read More »
Pruskowski's Polypharmacy Study Highlighted
February 28, 2019 — The unintended consequences of polypharmacy are gaining more attention. This paper co-authored by CP3 affiliated faculty Dr. Jennifer Pruskowski shows why. This work was also highlighted by UPMC. Read More »
Essien Named to 40 Under 40 Minority Health Leaders
February 27, 2019 — Dr. Utibe Essien, CP3 affiliated faculty member, had the honor of being named one of the National Minority Forum's 40 Under 40 Leaders in Minority Health. Dr. Essien joins a list of other leaders whose work aims to reduce health disparities among minorities. Read More »
Gellad's Tweet Quoted in Washington Post
February 26, 2019 — CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad had a tweet quoted in a Washington Post piece on the Congressional drug pricing hearings. Read More »
Dr. Utibe Essien on Review of Systems Podcast
February 25, 2019 — CP3 affiliated faculty member Dr. Utibe Essien was a guest on Harvard's Center for Primary Care's podcast "Review of Systems". Dr. Essien spoke about his recent JAMA Cardiology paper and its relationship to the podcast episode's theme of racism in medicine. To listen, click here. Read More »
Drug Pricing Movement is Growing, Gellad Tells Houston Chronicle
February 25, 2019 — There is a growing push to limit rising drug costs. “Everything seems to be aligning for something to happen on drug pricing," CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told the Houston Chronicle. Read More »
Davies Comments on Cancer Drug Shortage
February 20, 2019 — Supplies of BCG, an effective bladder cancer drug, are running low, and worry is running high. "There’s very little incentive, outside of altruism, to make this better,” CP3 affiliated faculty Dr. Ben Davies told STAT News. Read More »
Hernandez's Work Discussed in Context of "Opportunistic Behavior" in Drug Pricing
February 20, 2019 — Pharmalot discusses Dr. Inma Hernandez's recent JAMA Internal Medicine letter on trends in drug prices and spending for TNF inhibitors in 2006-2016, and the opportunistic behavior to raise prices that the team's findings suggest. Read More »
"Everyone is at fault" for Rising Insulin Prices
February 19, 2019 — “Everyone is at fault, which makes it hard to figure out how to fix it,” CP3 Director Dr. Walid Gellad told STAT News about rising insulin prices. Read More »
Inma Hernandez Is Guest on Plenary Session
February 18, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Dr. Inma Hernandez was interviewed by Dr. Vinay Prasad on his Plenary Session podcast about rising drug costs and other policy issues. Listen here (starting ~36:45). Read More »
Walid Gellad Is Guest on Texas Public Radio
February 5, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad was a guest on Texas Public Radio's live call in program "The Source," along with Washington Post reporter Amy Goldstein. Dr. Gellad and Ms. Goldstein gave their thoughts and answered questions about proposed changes to phase out prescription drug rebates. Click Read More »
Gellad Tells Axios About Relationship Between Transparency and Drug Pricing
February 4, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad spoke with Axios about the relationship between transparency and drug pricing. "Transparency can help the public and policy makers make more informed decisions about what to do about high drug prices - who to target, what policies to put in place...Just the Read More »
Elimination of Drug Rebates a "Huge Potential Change," Gellad Tells NPR
February 1, 2019 — "This is a huge potential change, transformative," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told Alison Kodjak of NPR in response to an HHS proposal to eliminate drug rebates for middlemen. Read More »
Inma Hernandez Featured in Pittwire
January 31, 2019 — CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez was featured in the January 31st edition of Pittwire, the University of Pittsburgh's news service. The article discusses Dr. Hernandez's recent publication examining the drivers of rising drug prices. Read More »
Gellad Speaks to CNN About Drug Pricing in the 2020 Election
January 24, 2019 — Everything is up in the air and anything is possible," CP3 Director Walid Gellad told Kaiser Health News via CNN Health in response to potential drug pricing proposals by Democrats in the 2020 election. Dr. Gellad added, "There are things that can happen that maybe weren't going to happen Read More »
Hernandez Talks Drug Price Drivers on FOX News
January 22, 2019 — Inma Hernandez, CP3 Associate Director, appeared on Fox News, discussing her recent Health Affairs paper on drivers of rising drug prices. Her appearance was part of a larger story on pharmaceutical prices. Read More »
CNBC Interviews Hernandez About Drug Pricing Study
January 14, 2019 — "Rising drug prices affect uninsured or underinsured patients, patients with high-deductible plans, those in the deductible or doughnut hole phase of their plans, the government as a payer, and all Americans in the form of higher premiums," CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez told CNBC. Read More »
Inma Hernandez Talks Drug Pricing on WESA
January 14, 2019 — “Pharmaceutical manufacturers realize our health care system is very fragmented, and payers don’t have, in many cases, much leverage,” CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez told WESA-FM's Sarah Boden. “So, they take advantage of that.” Hernandez spoke with Boden about a drug pricing study Read More »
Hernandez Drug Pricing Study Cited in News Story
January 13, 2019 — The recent drug-pricing study led by CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez was cited in an ABC News piece about rising drug prices. Read More »
Gellad Calls COI Policy Changes a Watershed Moment
January 11, 2019 — CP3 Director Walid Gellad spoke with the New York Times and ProPublica about significant changes in Sloan Kettering's conflict of interest policy after a scandal last year. Gellad called the changes a "watershed moment." Read More »
Study Quantifies Drug Price Increases
January 7, 2019 — A study led by CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez shows how much drug list prices are increasing compared to inflation.  STAT Plus reports on the findings. Read More »
CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez Discusses Drug Cost Drivers
January 7, 2019 — "The main takeaway of our study should be that increases in prices of brand-name drugs were largely driven by year-over-year price increases of drugs that were already in the market," CP3 Associate Director Inma Hernandez, PharmD, PhD, told NPR's Alison Kodjak. Kodjak reported on a recent Read More »