Steven M. Albert, PhD Graduate School of Public Health

Research Areas of Interest and Highlights

Dr. Albert's research centers on the assessment of health outcomes in aging and chronic disease, including physical and cognitive function, health service use and the cost of care, quality of life, and clinical decision making. Recent efforts include investigation of mental health and clinical decisions at the end of life (National Institute of Mental Health) and a study of the cognitive and physical basis of independence in older people (National Institute on Aging). Current efforts include a study of worksite health promotion, modeling of vaccine refusal across the lifespan, and public health surveillance of the end of life. He has completed research on attitudes toward health promotion in culturally insular communities, challenges in assessing quality of life in people with cognitive impairment, and cognitive factors in medication adherence. In 2010-2014, his group will lead a statewide comparative effectiveness trial of primary prevention of falling in old age (CDC) and an investigation of functional trajectories at the end of life (NINR). Ongoing studies involve medication reviews among older adults in senior housing (The Pittsburgh Foundation) and use of nasal ventilation (ALS Foundation).

Education and Background

Dr. Albert is a Professor in the Graduate School of Public Health in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Science. He teaches courses on aging as a field of public health, the assessment of quality of life in health and aging, social dimensions of aging, evaluation, and a public health approach to long-term care. He is also the Chair for Research and Science.


Dr. Albert was the Secretary/Treasurer of the Behavioral and Social Sciences section of the Gerontological Society of America from 2009-2011. He serves on the editorial boards for the Journal of American Medical Directors Association, the Internet Journal of Mental Health, Preventive Medicine and the Journal of Aging Studies. He is also a reviewer for the Journal of Gerontology, The Gerontologist, American Journal of Public Health, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Neurology, Journal of Aging and Health, Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, JAMA, and Neuroepidemiology.