Julie Marie Donohue, PhD Graduate School of Public Health

Research Areas of Interest and Highlights

Dr. Donohue’s primary research interests include pharmaceutical policy, mental health, and the politics of health policy.

Education and Background

  • Fellow, Harvard Medical School, Pharmaceutical Policy Research
  • PhD, Harvard University, Health Policy

Dr. Donohue is an Associate Professor of Health Policy & Management in the Graduate School of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a secondary appointment in the Department of Psychiatry and is a core faculty member in the Center for Research on Health Care. Dr. Donohue conducts research in the areas of pharmaceutical policy and mental health. Past research has examined the economic and public health effects of direct-to-consumer advertising and other forms pharmaceutical promotion. Dr. Donohue is currently conducting research on the impact of pharmacy insurance benefits on prescription drug utilization and expenditures. A major focus of this work is evaluating the impact of the new Medicare drug benefit (Part D) on medication access among elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries. She also studies doctor-patient communication on prescription drugs, the cost-effectiveness of mental health interventions and efforts to provide information on comparative effectiveness and prices of prescription drugs to consumers.