Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD



Brian A. Primack, MD, PhD is Associate Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Primack received his BA from Yale University in English and Mathematics in 1991 and his master’s degree in psychology and education from Harvard University in 1993. He subsequently graduated first in his class from Emory Medical School in 1999. Now, on the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Primack combines his expertise in education, technology, human development, and medicine by researching both positive and negative effects of media messages on health. He is a pioneer on the use of media literacy education in preventing adolescent smoking, underage drinking, and other harmful adolescent health behaviors. He has also conducted extensive research on the new phenomenon of waterpipe ("hookah") tobacco smoking. He is the recent recipient of regional, national, and international awards for research, teaching, and overall achievement, including the Robert Wood Johnson Faculty Physician Scholar Award (2006-2009), the Early Career Research Award from the Society of Behavioral Medicine (2010), the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Junior Faculty Scholar Award (2010), and the Outstanding Pitt Medical Student Research Mentor Award in 2013.